What to do with Mexican Oil Cloth Fabric

I have come across some fantastic ideas recently on what projects to use the Mexican Oil Cloth on.

One thing I am going to do is to make some wonderful floor cushions, imagine what a breeze it will be to keep them clean! Just a quick wipe over and back to new!

I found this page when searching the other day – OilCloth Addict

This lady has some wonderful ideas, and gosh the fabrics look fantastic!

I also got the idea to make a picnic rug from this site, another quick and easy project that turns into a super easy to keep clean items.

Picnic Rug

Totes are another handy bag to make.  Brilliant for the summer weather when you are heading off to the beach or the pool.

Check out these gorgeous Totes – How to Make Oilcloth Totes.

Oil Cloth Tote Bag

If you prefer a back bag, check out U-handblog for this gorgeous Oil Cloth Back pack you can make!  This tutorial has the most AMAZING instructions, step by step and photographs all the way.  Just reading through it makes me want to make one right now :)

Back Pack in Oil Cloth Tutorial

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