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Outer Nappy Fabrics PUL

PUL is a waterproof fabric.  It is used as the outer part of your nappies, covers and diapers. Pul can also be used as a hidden layer underneath fabrics. PUL is not the fabric, but the laminate that is applied to the fabric. PUL fabric is a relatively new fabric to the nappy world, but has taken it by storm giving us the ability to create wonderful nappies in many styles.

People refer to the whole piece of fabric (fabric+laminate) as PUL.

Frequently referred to by it’s abbreviated name PUL (Said as either P-U-L, or Pull). PUL is a soft clear coating of Polyurethane laminate that is applied to the back of fabrics resulting in a product that is both waterproof and has a small amount of breathability, making it a perfect choice for nappy making.

PUL comes in either 1MIL, or 2MIL, the MIL referring to the thickness of the laminate. The laminate is applied to either cotton fabric or polyester fabric.

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