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Hemp Fleece

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Hemp Fleece  is the most used fabric for nappies. Popularity in this fabric has dwindled slightly since the introduction of bamboo fabric, but it is a well know hard wearing, long lasting fabric.

 Uses - Nappies, breast pads, boosters, soakers, fitted nappies, mama pads.

Hemp fleece is a knit fabric that started out life as a terry (small loops on the back) but these have been brushed so as to make the fabric soft and 'fleece' like.

Hemp fleece is one of the heavier weight fabrics.  The weight preferred for this fabric is 300gsm > .

Hemp fleece comes in a mix with cotton. The ratio of cotton:bamboo can differ from fabric to fabric.  Most hemp fleece used in nappies should be at least a 55% hemp: 45% cotton or above.


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